Dear Colleagues,

We will be accepting proposals for the 49th IDRS Conference from October 1 to December 1, 2019. We are looking forward to the opportunity to program a diverse selection of performers and composers from around the world. We are excited to promote a culture of excellence that is rich in creativity, innovation, and inclusion.

We are excited to host you and hope that our conference enhances your musical experiences as you continue your lifelong learning with lifelong friends.

To submit a proposal please click here!


Ben and Courtney

IDRS Guidelines for Proposal Submission

  1. All artists, including sponsored artists, must complete a proposal through the official conference proposal page.
  2. No artist will appear more than twice during any given conference. An "appearance" could be a concert, a master class, a lecture-presentation, or any combination of these. Exceptions that will not count towards the total are:
  • Judging either the Gillet-Fox or the Young Artist Competitions.
  • Participating in a panel discussion.
  • Performing as part of a "tribute" concert with multiple performers.
  1. An artist who has appeared on an evening concert for two consecutive years must take a year off. They may perform during the daytime conference schedule.